Publish a Plugin

There are several ways to publish a pytest plugin.

Essentially pytest plugins are not different from any other Python Package, so you may want to create a distribution and submit it to the Python Package Index (PyPI).

By doing so, enables your users to easily install via easy-install or pip.

Python Package Index

Submitting to PyPI that includes the following steps:

  • Configuring your plugin (which is already covered in this template)
  • Creating a distribution for your project
  • Uploading your pytest plugin to PyPI

Please see the official Python Packaging User Guide for detailed information.

pytest-dev Organization

If you plan on submitting your plugin to the pytest-dev organization you need to meet the following requirements:

  • PyPI presence with a that contains a license, pytest- prefixed, version number, authors, short and long description.
  • a tox.ini for running tests using tox.
  • a README describing how to use the plugin and on which platforms it runs.
  • a LICENSE file or equivalent containing the licensing information, with matching info in
  • an issue tracker unless you rather want to use the core pytest issue tracker.

Please see the official guidelines at Submit a Plugin.